Street & Dance Inspired Swedish Designs by Isabella Idberg

Street & Dance Inspired Swedish Designs by Isabella Idberg

Inspired by dance and street culture, Isabella Idberg creates unique and exclusive sportswear pieces with a thoughtful design process. In our interview with the Stockholm-based designer she talks to us about her background, the Swedish fashion scene (and her constructive criticism towards it), the inspirations behind her designs and her love of music and dance.

Isabella idberg

Kwaleo: What's your background? How did you get into fashion?

Isabella Idberg: I've always been creative. My mum used to make me beautiful dresses. To dress nicely was always important, and to dress up was always fun.

Kwaleo: What do you love about fashion?

What I love about fashion is that it is always moving forward (sometimes a little bit too fast). It’s amazing to have the opportunity to work with new colours and materials and create a new look and styles for every new season.

isabella idberg

Kwaleo: How did you establish your label Isabella Idberg?

Isabella Idberg: I was born and raised in Karlshamn, Blekinge, then 
left the small town after graduation to study fashion at Long Beach City College in Los Angeles. Studies later led me to Stockholm where the brand ISABELLA IDBERG was born. I longed for freedom to do what I love and always be creative. To have an initial idea and see it take form is such satisfaction. That’s why I wanted to have my own company.

Kwaleo: How would you describe the fashion scene in Stockholm?

Isabella Idberg: I would say that Swedish fashion is clean garments that can easily be styled to fit different looks. Sometimes I find it a bit limiting. It would be nice to see more independent, smaller brands that have the courage to show more of a bald attitude in the mainstream media.

isabella idberg

Kwaleo: Could you talk us through the design process of your collection?

Isabella Idberg: The idea and design grows in my mind while travelling, exploring different places, facing different challenges and so on. I usually have a vision in mind when I sit down in the comfort of my studio where I put it all together. The inspiration to a new collection can come from a print, a place, a form, an existing silhouette, a flowy dance move or a beautiful song. I find my way through many different kinds of things. I usually start with finding the fabric that I want for my new collection, then I start draping it on my dress form. I prefer working with the material before I start sketching.

Kwaleo: Who is the customer that wears your pieces?

Isabella Idberg: It is a strong and independent person. Usually a creative one who's not afraid to be different and stick out. It is always fun to see people wearing my designs. It was a really nice surprise when I saw Tove Lo on Instagram wearing my gold hoodie. I would love to see different people with different kinds of styles incorporate my designs into their own styles.

isabella idberg

Kwaleo: What do you do on a typical week day?

Isabella Idberg: I do a lot of sewing because I make every garment by hand. I am always working on new designs for the next collection or additional custom-made garments. When taking a break, I like to hit the gym for a street dance class.

Kwaleo: Which song is currently on heavy rotation in your studio? Which magazine is on your table?

Isabella Idberg: NAO “Take Control Of You” and American Vogue.

Kwaleo: What's next for Isabella Idberg?

Isabella Idberg: My AW16 “Nebulosa Collection” has just launched. I'm now working on the SS17 collection as well as on some collaborations with a music artist.

Interview by Dora Hothi Mentzel

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