Kwaleö's trainers step away from the norm

Kwaleö's trainers step away from the norm

Kwaleo trainers


Following an Instagram sneak-peak in April 2018 and a long development period, Kwaleö’s trainers are finally here. The result is a forward-looking design that fuses functionality, comfort and style.

The trainers are made in Portugal and feature panels of premium fabrics such as calfskin suede and cow leather. They sit on EVA soles that offer the softness and flexibility boost you need for long days storming the city streets.

These aren’t your average lace-up trainers, either – they fasten with a unique combination of velcro straps and release buckles, so getting them on and off is effortless.

How to sum up these shoes in one sentence? “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” Why? Because Kwaleö believes everything in life is subjective; what you might find attractive might trigger the opposite reaction in someone else. However, perception of beauty defines our uniqueness so, if you like these trainers, it means that you’re being your own tribe and are ready to stand out from the crowd.

Pre-orders are starting on December 1 ✅ and will close 🚫 on December 30th. 

Only 100 units will be made.

Production will start in January and you will receive your trainers during the second week of February. Each and every single shoe will be perfectly crafted to your size and that’s why the production will take a bit more than a month but as you know good things come to those who wait.



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