Interview with the Creators of Orikomi — Handcrafted Lamps by Architects

Created and carefully handcrafted by architectural studio Blaanc, Orikomis are stunning lamps made of high quality folded paper. We spoke to Lisbon-based architect Ana Morgado of Blaanc Borderless Architecture to find out more about their beautiful alternative lighting solution Orikomi. 

Kwaleo: How did you come up with the idea of Orikomi?

Ana Morgado: As architects our work requires a lot of hand craft skills, which we love doing by the way. We are also very passionate about the accuracy and geometry of origami, stemming from our architectural education. For us, combining design with lighting and origami is a match made in heaven.




Kwaleo: What's the main intention behind Orikomi?

The brand follows the principle that design should be economic and affordable, but also perfectionist and ambitious, whilst considering the importance of lighting as a guarantee for quality in interior spaces.

Who are Orikomi's customers?

Orikomi appeals to many different customers but our most typical customers are women aged between 25-45, mostly from northern Europe.




What do you find fascinating about design, in particular product design?

We believe that architecture and design are deeply connected and for that reason it was a natural impulse for us to start working on a different scale. Orikomi is a result of this approach and is all about developing products that blend origami techniques with lighting. 

What's next for Blaanc? Can we expect more product design?

It's always difficult to say what's next, but our signature is 'borderless architecture'! In fact, one of our goals as architects is to explore architecture's limits and capacity and we are very interested in taking our work into other artistic universes, as well as collaborating with people from other areas or industries.



What does a typical day at Blaanc look like? 

It depends. Our team is divided in two: one part is more dedicated to architectural projects and the other one is fully committed to the Orikomi brand. The work on Orikomi requires a lot of hand work skills, which we love, and always involves organisation, method and patience.

You are based in Portugal with studios in Brazil and Australia. Could you tell us a bit about the design scene in Lisbon?

Lisbon is a very beautiful city which is becoming increasingly trendy and vibrant, where many different initiatives are always happening. We can also constantly see the emergence of new brands and projects which is very dynamic and inspiring.