4 Kwaleö soldiers to make the world a better place

Here at Kwaleo.com we’re all about doing things differently and encouraging you to 🔸 be your own tribe 🔸

To celebrate this, we’ve created four manga characters, each with their own superpower 🔵🔴⚫️⚪️ each representing attitudes that are important to us here on Planet Kwaleö 🌐🌐🌐

Let’s introduce the first character: Oluwa Santi
Oluwa Santi’s mission is to spread as much positivity as possible around the world. She can pick up on negative energy surrounding people and instantly convert it into positive energy.


Stuart Clarks (2nd superhero of the Kwaleö planet) plays with nature 
His super power means he can create organic, nutrient-rich food products that don’t involve the unnecessary killing of innocent animals.


Wiz Shaku (3rd super hero of the Kwaleö planet) 🌐
Wiz Shaku’s on a mission to help the environment and our wardrobes! His superpower allows him to create organic clothes from flowers, cutting back on water and chemical use in the fashion industry 💦


Here’s the fourth and last character of the Kwaleö manga series. Lucia Pearl 🎯
Ever wanted to go back in the past and fix your mistakes? Lucia Pearl can help you traveling to the past and live your dreams in the present 🌐